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Waiting For the Perfect Shot with @deni_perez

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Rio de Janeiro Instagrammer Denise Perez (@deni_perez ) provides a glimpse into the vast country of Brazil. As she explains, her love for photography allows her to step into and share worlds that are not her own: “I love photography’s transformative power. It lets you reveal beauty in scenes which are often considered ugly or unworthy of attention.” Her patience allows her to tell many stories through photography, often catching her subjects in movement or with powerful facial expressions.

In one particular case, Denise captured an image of a bird flying past a woman on Rio de Janeiro’s beach, Praia Leme. “Most people see this image and think it’s a photomontage. I’ve heard it all, from the bird being a backpack, a costume or some sort of hair decoration. Some people even call it ‘the photo of the dead bird,’ and others attribute this photograph to pure luck.” For Denise, a good photograph depends on luck and a lot of patience, “I saw the pigeon coming and I waited for a really long time to get the shot as he finally landed in the perfect position.”


Anonymous asked:

Ok lang ba na patuloy mong mahalin ang isang taong feeling mo naaalala ka lang pag malungkot or bored? Pero pag kausap ka nya parang kailangang kailangan ka nya. Swak personality nyo. Kumportable sa isa't isa. Sha na yung "da one" problema lang ldr.


Okay lang. Basta ba kaya mong tanggapin sa sarili mo na supporting, alternate, panakip butas, reserve, pampalipas-oras, at pamatid uhaw ka lang sa buhay niya. 

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